IQ 10″ Motorized Android Infotainment System



The new IQ-Series radios break the mold for car audio applications by allowing you to upgrade your factory radio to a 10″ screen with a full Android operating system and rotating screen!

The LW-IQ401R (10″) touchscreen allows you to convert from horizontal to vertical view with its MOTORIZED screen, letting you use every app the way it was designed! (NOTE: Some kits allow for horizontal use only)

The IQ-Series runs on Android 8.1 “Oreo”, giving you full access to apps in the Google Play Store and allowing customization options unavailable on standard head units, as well as full Apple Car Play and Android Auto support! With the ability to use your hotspot for internet connectivity, you can now run Google Maps, Waze or other navigation apps as well as entertainment apps like YouTube, Netflix, Pandora and Spotify.

Using the 3 USB inputs, you are able to listen to your digital music files as well as play digital video, and you can add other USB devices such as DVR camera, USB game remotes or CD/DVD players.

With over 100 custom-fit installation kits available, the IQ-Series fits perfectly into your dashboard and will maintain factory features like steering wheel controls, backup cameras and other factory functions (support for factory features varies by vehicle year, make and model).

To order, simply choose your vehicle from the list below, note the kit cost, then using the “Kit Cost” drop-down list, choose the correct cost to add to the total. 

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