Privacy Statement

All consumers are welcome to browse our site without giving us any personal information. Advanced Digital Concepts, Inc. (“ADC Mobile”) will only collect personal data such as address, phone number and email when an order is placed.

ADC Mobile only uses the personal information collected to complete orders placed on All customer data, including email addresses, will be stored in a secured database and will not be sold. ADC Mobile reserves the right to provide user information to third parties as required by law, and to cooperate with law enforcement authorities in the investigation of any criminal or civil matter.

ADC Mobile does share certain customer data such as address/phone/email with specific third parties, including shipping services, product manufacturers (for ordering & shipping), product warehouses (for shipping), merchant account firms (for credit card processing) and PayPal (for online payments), to complete a purchase transaction. No personal credit information will be released to such third parties.

Product Images, Descriptions & Applications makes every effort to accurately display and describe all products and validate all applications listed on our website. However, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy due to changes in manufacturer specifications, features or updates to products, components or installation methods. We strongly advise you to check vehicle model, trim and part specifications before purchase to determine if the products you purchase from will properly fit the intended vehicle.

We will always endeavor to provide the exact product(s) pictured and described on the product pages of our website. However, due to supply chain or other issues, manufacturers may substitute like kind and quality products for those pictured on accepts no responsibility for substitutions made for like kind and quality product supplied by manufacturers, and our liability is limited to replacement or refund for the product (provided it has not been installed). provides an interactive vehicle picker to assist in making determinations of what products may fit your vehicle. If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. ADC Mobile is not responsible for misprints, misinformation and/or changes or variations made by vehicle and/or product manufacturers.

Suitability of Products/DIY Installation

We LOVE do-it-yourselfers! We have been helping people do very complicated installations for decades and would love to help you with your project, but a little caution goes a long way when deciding if you are going to do the installation of our products yourself. Our promise is to do everything we possibly can to prepare you, but there are some basic things that we rely on you to know in order to have a successful outcome.

Some vehicles have model or trim differences that affect the suitability of our products in your vehicle and some products sold on have the potential to adversely affect a vehicle if installed improperly. We normally provide all available documentation and support materials for the products it is available for, but the lack of support materials will not affect our liability for any potential damage done due to unsuitability or lack of installation expertise on your end. ALWAYS CONSULT A PROFESSIONAL INSTALLER IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH THE INSTALLATION! This means that ADC Mobile highly recommends having all products purchased from us professionally installed.

Although we will try to provide detailed installation advice and technical support, ADC Mobile cannot be held responsible for any damage to your vehicle resulting from your attempts at installing our products!

Damage of any type to the product will void almost all manufacturer’s warranties. If you damage the product, ADC Mobile is not responsible for warranty claims on the product, or shipping charges related to replacement of any item(s). We reserve the right to have you deal directly with the manufacturer’s warranty department for all warranty service.

Some products sold on are shipped preconfigured for a particular vehicle or trim option and do not allow access to specific menus or programming steps without a password, or the retrieval of important vehicle information (like wi-fi passwords) once the factory radio is removed. We recommend that you take a picture of all factory settings on any factory radio BEFORE you remove it from the vehicle. On any product that requires you to reconfigure it by changing settings, we highly recommend that you DO NOT CHANGE ANY SETTINGS UNLESS YOU ARE INSTRUCTED TO DO SO! This means that if you change any settings that were not instructed by the manufacturer, you could “lock up” your unit, “brick” your unit, or cause permanent damage to your vehicle.

ADC Mobile will not be responsible for any vehicle damage, product repair charges, shipping charges, or any other incidental charges due to any programming steps or unauthorized updating of the product that was not included in the instructions or tech bulletins provided by the manufacturer. IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THE SETTING DOES, DON’T CHANGE IT!!!

In addition, some items such as remote start or alarm products may require vehicle-specific programming prior to the installation, updating of software or firmware during the installation, or updating of software or firmware after the installation. These products may require the purchase of additional programming modules at additional cost in order to complete the installation. Almost all of these programming operations can be performed on any PC, but if you ONLY have access to an Apple computer or if you are not comfortable with basic computer operations, please call us in advance of your purchase so we can help you to determine if any in-depth programming will be needed on the product(s) you intend to purchase. ADC Mobile is not responsible for, and will not accept any claims stemming from your lack of ability to download files, unzip file archives, transfer files, format USB or SD cards or program any of our products.

We love to help and want to make your purchase and installation as easy as possible, so PLEASE call us before you do anything you are unsure of and we will do our best to make your installation as painless as possible!

Order Policies

In-Stock Status: We normally stock or have readily available through local distributors or manufacturers all of the products presented on We will make every attempt to fulfill and ship all in-stock orders the same day the order was placed. Orders requiring fulfillment from a distributor or manufacturer will be processed and USUALLY will be shipped within 48-72 hours, and we will do our best to give you an accurate estimate of shipping times for all items ordered.

Out of Stock Orders:
We will always attempt to have all the products we represent in stock and available to order, but some products on the website may in fact be out of stock when you order, even if our website shows it being eligible to order and ship. If so, we will make every attempt to fill the order as quickly as possible, and we will attempt to provide accurate delivery information to you when available. If we cannot fulfill your order within a reasonable period of time, we will refund the order and no cancellation penalties will apply. Under no circumstances will pricing be adjusted due to in-stock issues unless otherwise specified.

Special Orders:
Some products listed as in-stock may be “special order”, meaning that the product is not in stock at, but is in stock at the manufacturer or distributor’s warehouse. This is typical of more expensive items or items that have limited applications. will endeavor to inform you of “special order” status whenever possible, and special orders will almost always require additional time for fulfillment.

Since “special orders” are exactly that – we are ordering product SPECIFICALLY for your order – they are not eligible for refund once the special order has been placed.

Orders Cancelled by ADC Mobile:
ADC Mobile reserves the right to cancel any order at any time for any reason. If ADC Mobile cannot fulfill the order (item is out of stock or discontinued, suspicious or unconfirmed ship to address or other unforeseen issue affecting the fulfillment of your order), ADC Mobile may cancel the order and refund any money collected. An online order confirmation does not signify that ADC Mobile has provided final acceptance of the order, nor does it imply that ADC Mobile has agreed to sell to you or ship the order to you. Some products may be limited where and to whom they may be sold and we reserve the right to pre-qualify your eligibility to purchase any product offered for sale on

Orders Cancelled by the Customer:
Orders cancelled after product is shipped will be subject to our restocking fees PLUS all original shipping and return shipping fees.

Sales & Discounts

Sales may take the form of discounted pricing, additional products provided for free with your purchase or free shipping on the entire purchase. If a sale includes free additional items that you do not want, substitution of that item or additional discounting may be done at the sole discretion of ADC Mobile and is not implied or guaranteed unless otherwise noted.

ADC Mobile reserves the right to end sale pricing on any item at any time and we reserve the right to reverse any applicable discounts, offers or promotions if they are applied to sale/promotional items or free shipping deals by mistake or without our permission.

Coupon codes may expire or change and ADC Mobile is not obligated to honor any discount code or coupon on any product. Certain coupon codes may be offered only to specific targeted customers or groups, and we reserve the right to validate your eligibility to use any code presented. This may include requiring communication through certain online forums, Facebook or other websites external to


ADC Mobile will always try to exceed your expectations, and if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase from ADC Mobile, eligible products may be exchanged or returned within 30 days of the original purchase date subject to limitations listed below.

In order to be eligible for refund or credit, ADC Mobile requires that the returned merchandise not to have been installed and in new, complete and original condition – this means that we require the returned product to be in “AS NEW IN THE BOX” condition so that it can be re-sold. Damages incurred in return shipping are not the responsibility of ADC Mobile. ADC Mobile reserves the right to deny any return or exchange.

All returns require a Return Authorization (RA#). Contact us for a RA# before returning any items. Any items returned without a proper RA# may be denied or not properly refunded or credited. ADC Mobile is not responsible for returns that do not have a proper RA#.

Mobile Electronics:
In order to be eligible for a refund, all car audio, video and electronic items must be returned within 30 days of purchase in “AS NEW” condition, having not been installed and 100% complete – with all parts, manuals and packaging materials intact and undamaged. This means that we expect the product to be returned in the same condition as it was delivered to you – AS NEW – IN THE ORIGINAL BOX, WITH ALL PARTS, MANUALS AND ACCESSORIES INCLUDED. Open-box product may be bench-checked and any hidden electronic damage will void the return and the product will be returned with no refund due. ADC Mobile will not refund for defective products covered under manufacturer’s warranty – these products will be warrantied according to the manufacturer’s warranty policies.

Restocking Fee:
If we accept your return, a restocking fee of at least 20% may be charged. For merchandise returned without the original packing materials, boxes and all parts or with ANY damage whatsoever, additional fees may apply. Items such as downloaded apps, subscriptions, navigation upgrades or other personalized items will not be eligible for refund under any circumstances.

In all cases, the cost of the original shipping to you will be deducted from the refund due. This also includes items purchased with “FREE SHIPPING”, which provides no-cost shipping as part of the purchase price, but incurs a shipping cost to ADC Mobile as part of the sale. Shipping costs for returns are the responsibility of the customer.

Non-Returnable Merchandise:

  • Special orders may not be returned. Due to the nature of ordering non-stocked merchandise, special orders may not be returned for refund or credit. Special orders are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Deposits or fees for special orders that ADC Mobile is unable to cancel are not refundable.
  • Labor, delivery or installation services will not be refunded.
  • Items that are damaged or abused may not be returned or refunded. This includes items that were “bricked” due to improperly followed instructions or installation of apps or programs not approved by the manufacturer.
  • Items that are missing accessories such as remote controls, cords and cables or original packaging may not be returned or refunded.
  • Etched or otherwise personalized items may not be returned or refunded.
  • Add-on navigation systems, apps, downloads, subscriptions or other software that has been purchased, used or activated by the original owner are not transferable and will not be refunded.


We will always attempt to have the products we sell in stock locally, but if your product is not in stock at our location, we will attempt to “drop-ship” it from the manufacturer’s warehouse (this means that we will ship directly to you from the manufacturer’s location). However, some manufacturers DO NOT allow drop-ships, and those that do allow drop-ships will not use USPS – these must usually be done via FedEx or UPS. Whenever possible, we will attempt to use your preference for shipping service and will provide tracking for the shipping method used once the product ships.

If you would like to have your product delivered with expedited shipping (Overnight, Second Day Air, etc.), please choose your preference from the checkout menu. NOTE: Expedited delivery is restricted to US shipments only.

On expedited shipments, ADC Mobile is responsible to deliver your shipment to the carrier by the agreed-upon deadline to facilitate the expedited shipping method. ADC Mobile is not responsible for any delivery delays if the shipment has been delivered to the carrier by the cutoff time. This means that as long as we deliver your package to the carrier by the time specified to make that day’s expedited shipment, we are not responsible for any delays on the part of the carrier and we do not refund shipping charges based on those delays. All claims for delayed shipping will need to be processed with the carrier.

ADC Mobile uses USPS, UPS & Fedex for pickups and deliveries, but we may utilize other shipping methods if you provide account information and shipping instructions. We will not deliver to your chosen shipping agent – they must pick up your product at our shipping location. ADC Mobile will generally only ship to US, Canada & Mexico addresses, but we can ship internationally if arranged in advance and shipping is prepaid. We will not ship to some countries due to prior negative experience with some national postal services. ADC Mobile is not responsible for taxes, duties or tariffs levied by shipping agents or governmental agencies.

We will generally offer you a choice in shipping agents, usually UPS, FedEx or USPS, with different costs associated with each, and there are restrictions and limitations associated with each service. For example, you generally will not be able to ship to a PO Box via FedEx or UPS – you must use USPS. Since all high-value shipments will require a signature, you may determine one agent is better than another for you providing that signature, or you may opt to sign for the delivery online using that shipper’s online portal, if that service is available.

It is the buyers’ responsibility to make sure the delivery address is correct and that products delivered to the given address are safe and secure. The risk of loss or delivery delay for all items pass to the customer upon delivery to the carrier. This means that ADC Mobile is not responsible for or liable for any damage or loss arising from shipment of your order, or delays in shipping if we are given an incomplete or invalid shipping address. Additionally, once the package is handed off to the carrier, ADC Mobile has no option to change or reroute the package, other than to have it returned. This means that if you are not able to receive the package at the original address provided, we cannot reroute the package to a different address – we can only return it to our location. You may have the ability to reroute the package to a UPS or FedEx store for pickup via the carrier’s online portal.

Tracking for all shipments will be forwarded via email, either as a response directly from our online order processing interface or via Aftership, both of which will allow you to track the package in the carrier’s online system. Once we provide a tracking number and deliver the package to the carrier, ADC Mobile cannot see any more information than you can. This means that we cannot provide any additional information on the package than you can see and we cannot gain any more information on the package by calling the carrier. If you require any additional information on the package, it would be beneficial to call the carrier directly rather than call us.

Customers paying with a credit card have the option to have their products shipped to an address other than the billing address on the credit card, but we reserve the right to cancel any purchase made with different billing and shipping addresses. Alternate shipping address must be supplied at checkout, and we reserve the right to verify the provided shipping address – if we cannot verify the address (or your association with that address), we will cancel the purchase. If we ship to a business address, please provide detailed delivery instructions including the name of the person who will receive the shipment, if not you. ADC Mobile is not responsible for for packages delayed or lost once delivered to a business. We reserve the right to cancel any purchase that will ship to a freight forwarder, or to any service where the goods are not received directly by the purchaser.

For purchases using PayPal as payment, we will ONLY ship to the verified address associated with the PayPal account. Under no circumstances will ADC Mobile ship to an address other than the verified PayPal address.

ADC Mobile assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen products. ADC Mobile strongly recommends that you or a representative be available for all deliveries. High value orders will require a DIRECT signature from the buyer – this means that someone will have to be present to sign for he delivery. Although we will not require an adult signature, we strongly recommend that an adult be present to sign for high value shipments. We will supply a tracking number for all orders, so that appropriate arrangements can be made to provide a signature if required. Items not signed for and returned will be refunded less shipping costs.

ADC Mobile will not be held responsible, nor will we make any adjustments or refunds for shipping delays or other Acts of God that occur in transit. This means we will not refund any purchases or shipping charges due to delays in delivery that are out of our control – once the package is passed to the carrier, we can only issue a refund if the product is returned undamaged as “non-deliverable” to either ADC Mobile or to the manufacturer (if drop-shipped), and original shipping costs will be deducted from the refund.

Since deliveries can be delayed, and shipping mistakes may occur, it is highly advised that you wait until you have confirmed delivery of all parts before scheduling for an installation or beginning your own installation on a vehicle. Under no circumstances will ADC Mobile be held responsible for any fees associated with the installation or the scheduling of an installation for product purchased through ADC Mobile.

In keeping with our commitment to do our best to lessen the impact of our operations on natural resources, your item may be sent to you in a recycled shipping box. All products sold by ADC Mobile are guaranteed new unless otherwise specified.

Shipping Costs:
The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs unless included in sale price. SHIPPING COSTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, whether they were paid by the customer or by ADC Mobile as part of a “FREE SHIPPING” promotion. The buyer is responsible for all costs associated with returning a product for refund or exchange unless otherwise specified.

If an item is shipped and the buyer refuses delivery or it is deemed undeliverable, the full shipping cost will be taken out of the refund.

Items Damaged In Shipping:
Damage to products must be reported to us within 2 days from the delivery date in order to be considered for an exchange or refund.


By completing an order on the ADC Mobile website you agree to pay ADC Mobile in full and allow us to charge your credit card, PayPal or Affirm account for any and all charges. These charges include (but are not limited to) cancelled order and restocking fees, return shipping and authorization fees, collections fees, all product costs and legal expenses incurred due to fraudulent activity, costs due to duplicate orders and/or component upgrades. If you feel there is an error with your payment please contact us immediately.

Credit/debit card processing requires a 100% Address Verification System (AVS) match on all transactions. It is important to note that when the AVS filter declines a transaction as the result of an AVS mismatch, the transaction is voided, but the authorization remains. This means that the card issuer (your credit card company/bank) is holding the authorized amount (not ADC Mobile) and this may show up as a pending credit on your available balance. The funds have not been paid out to us and the funds will appear in your available balance as soon as your bank releases the funds.


Product Warranties:
All products are covered solely by the manufacturer’s warranty, and ADC Mobile cannot extend, modify or otherwise change any manufacturer’s warranty. Almost all manufacturers require product registration for warranty purposes. It is the customer’s responsibility to complete this product registration for proper warranty coverage. Please refer to the warranty paperwork that is included within the product packaging or visit the manufacturer’s web site for more information. The customer/buyer is responsible for any costs involved in obtaining warranty coverage.

Manufacturer’s warranties DO NOT cover labor costs, diagnostic fees, vehicle repair fees, shipping costs or other costs incurred during installation, setup or use.

Manufacturer’s warranties also do not cover damage to the product or damage to your vehicle due to improper installation, improper installation methods, unsuitability for the designed application or any other damages that arise from your use or installation of the product in a way or in a vehicle other than that for which it was intended. This includes installing software or apps that are designed to allow the product to function or interact with the vehicle in ways not intended by the manufacturer, or damage caused by attempts at installing software or apps by an improper method.

Labor Warranty:
All labor performed locally (in the Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia region) by ADC Mobile installers is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. If any installation fails in normal operation due to defective workmanship, we will repair the installation at no charge. Product that fails outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period is not covered under this warranty.

Policy Changes

ADC Mobile reserves the right to change our policies without notice.