HD Replacement Camera for 2016-2018 Sierra, Silverado



Did you get your tailgate stolen? Did your factory backup camera burn out? Do you have a factory camera but you’re not impressed with the image? If so, this is the kit for you!

This is the only aftermarket backup camera replacement module kit for your 2016-2018 GM truck! We developed this kit so that you can easily replace that faulty camera with this plug and play kit – without spending a fortune on a GM replacement module. If your bezel is faded or missing, we also include an option for adding a new factory GM tailgate bezel with the camera pre-mounted. All connections are plug and play and will work with your factory navigation or mirror display.

Compare the image quality between factory camera and replacement in the images at left – brighter colors, wider view, higher resolution!

Kit includes replacement camera and harness ONLY – not a new bezel.

Two versions are available: one version for a MANUAL locking tailgate and one version for a REMOTE FOB locking tailgate.

Add options for remote control locking tailgate or replacement factory bezel below.

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