Flush Mount LVDS Camera Relocation Kit for 2022+ GM Truck Service Bodies



  • The ZORG 4241 kit is designed to accept and relocate LVDS tailgate cameras you find in GM Analog Cameras and the newer GM LVDS Camera used on GM 2022.5 to 2024 GM 1500 / 2024 2500-3500 PU & Cab chassis / 2023-2024 Colorado / Canyon HD Digital NON 360 view
  • Our New Kit includes everything needed to re-locate the OEM LVDS camera from a tailgate to a utility body to retain all OEM screen views, options, and quality of image in standard systems.
  • Additionally, Zorg designed the LVDS cable so that ONLY ONE universal LVDS cable style is required for use with any of these LVDS tailgate cameras (instead of the multiples required by other vendors). This new design again reduces the SKUs required and stocking headaches. The cable and housing kit reduce labor time associated with LVDS camera relocation.

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