Brand:OBD Genie

GMC “IOS” Non-Navi to Factory GPS Navi Programmer



This OBD Genie programmer allows owners of GMC vehicle with IOS option code to activate the factory General Motors navigation feature.

The navigation (GPS) feature allows drivers to view satellite maps and receive route directions on their radio screen. This purchase will include an OBD Genie programmer which activates navigation capability, and a name-brand General Motors SD card containing the latest maps.

“How do I update the maps on my navigation system?”

Navigation system maps are contained in the SD card. OBD Genie SD cards are sourced straight from General Motors. When you purchase an OBD Genie navigation upgrade, you will receive the most updated maps SD card currently available. If you would like to continue updating your navigation maps in the future, SD cards can be purchased from the General Motors website.

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