Ford F-150 Camper Camera Kit




Use this camera for any application where you are required to remove your factory tailgate, like adding a camper, towing a fifth wheel trailer, etc.

Simply mount the camera on your license plate or any flat surface and run the cable to your factory backup camera connection for a simple and seamless installation. The kit comes with a license plate bracket and a mini-universal bracket, which allows flexibility in mounting locations.

**If your F150 has an automatic lowering tailgate that can be activated with your key fob, be sure to select the Automatic Lowering tailgate option when ordering. The connector for the camera is different for trucks with this option. Compatible with the 360 view system up to 2020. Not compatible with 2021 360 view system.

Note: The automatic lowering tailgate and locking tailgate feature is disabled when using this kit as it is intended for applications where the tailgate is completely removed.

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