Wi-Fi to A/V Converter Module




The CRUX WVI-H is a Wi-Fi Connectivity & Smartphone Integration Interface for Aftermarket Radios and Marine Radios that have HDMI or Composite Audio / Video Inputs. It enables wireless Audio / Video mirroring from mobile devices to the Aftermarket display screen for shared linking of functions from most Smartphones.

– Enables wireless (Wi-Fi) Audio/Video mirroring from mobile devices to an aftermarket screen or an OEM screen with a Crux AV interface (sold separately) for shared linking of functions from most Smartphones.
– Provides an audio/video input for which can also be used to add a camera.
– Includes a USB input to play audio and video files.
– Provides a virtual remote control via a smartphone wifi connection.
– Dual band (5GHz and 2.4GHz) Wifi capability for clear connection.
– Includes HMDI output for high quality video.
– Works with Facetime, Maps, Skype, YouTube, and other apps.

Compatibility Note:

  • Does NOT support Netflix on iOS System (Apple) Devices due to Restrictions placed by Apple.
    The HDMI-AV cable may be utilized for accessing these Apps (Sold Separately).
  • Android System Devices are fully compatible with the above Apps.
  • Supports Audio and Video.

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