Full Display Rear View Smart Mirror w/3 Inputs & DVR




The RVM740SM 7.8″ wide-screen features a full Android operating system that includes a BUILT-IN HD driving video recorder (DVR) for constant recording of your trips, BUILT-IN Bluetooth hands-free system, FM Modulator for voice prompting through the factory radio, three RCA inputs for connection of up to three cameras, auto dimming and powerful 1000 cd/m backlighting as well as on-screen guidelines that can be adjusted to enhance parking precision. This replacement rear-view mirror also features optional split-screen mode that can accept up to two cameras and show both at once. The RVM740SM includes remote control, multiple standard domestic mounts, Honda mounts and Hyundai/Kia mounts as well as being PAL + NTSC compatible.


  • TOUCH-FREE CONTROLS – Built-in proximity sensor, to control settings/obtain video driving snapshots.
  • BUILT-IN HD DRIVING VIDEO RECORDER – 180 Degree Wide-angle view, 6-layered camera lens, CCD sensors for 1080 x 720 HD output
  • ENHANCED VISUAL SAFETY – (3) RCA inputs (NTSC/PAL standard) to connect up to 3, back-up cameras.
  • FM RADIO TRANSMITTER – Set radio station and use the vehicle's speakers to hear clear voice prompts.
  • HANDS-FREE BLUETOOTH® CALLS – built-in microphone minimizing noise to deliver clear calls using vehicle's speakers.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGS – Connect to Wi-Fi, create a Wi-Fi hotspot & stream the Wi-Fi signal to your mirror.
  • USB SUPPORT AND SD CARD SLOT – Charge, Connect, back-up and save HD video recordings.
  • OPTIONAL GPS NAVIGATION – embedded overlay, or audible voice navigation instructions using iGo mapping

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