Automate DS4AP Digital Remote Start




DS4+ is four key mobile technologies (Remote Start, Security, Interface, Bluetooth®) integrated into one single device connecting you to the future of digital remote start and security.

DS4+ provides the simplest of solutions for the widest range of vehicles. The benefits of DS4 Digital Technology:

Interface included — no additional purchase required
3X Lock Start!
Smartphone control via Bluetooth Smart® technology
Optional shock and tilt sensors and siren provide ultimate protection for the vehicle

  • Integrated Data Bus Interface
  • Onboard Bluetooth® for programming and control
  • 3X Lock Start from OEM remote
  • Onboard fuses
  • High Current Harness
  • Temperature sensing
  • High current relays


  • DS4+ Module
  • Temperature sensor (8556T)
  • Valet/LED switch
  • Universal installation harness
  • Dynamic doc tool creates a unique installation guide for your install

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