Automate DS4A Digital Remote Start




DS4 is four key mobile technologies (Remote Start, Security, Interface, Bluetooth®) integrated into one single device connecting you to the future of digital remote start and security.

DS4 provides the simplest of solutions for the widest range of vehicles. The benefits of DS4 Digital Technology:

Interface included — no additional purchase required
3X Lock Start!
Smartphone control via Bluetooth Smart® technology
Optional shock and tilt sensors and siren provide ultimate protection for the vehicle

  • Integrated Data Bus Interface
  • Onboard Bluetooth® for programming and control
  • 3X Lock Start from OEM remote
  • Onboard fuses
  • Temperature sensing
  • High current relays


  • DS4 Module
  • Temperature sensor (8556T)
  • Valet/LED switch
  • Universal installation harness
  • Dynamic doc tool creates a unique installation guide for your install

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