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Kicker FF3CA13SAMY Full System Upgrade

Chevrolet Camaro SubwooferFull System Upgrade for 2013 Chevrolet Camaro w/MyLink

Kicker Factory FitKICKER delivers the thrill and musical accuracy of a live-concert experience minus the crowds, putting four decades of high-performance audio expertise right there in the front seat. It includes big-bass subwoofers in a small space, high-efficiency low power-draw amplifiers, a unique sound signature from multi-channel amps with DSP, and all in a factory mounting location with no modifications.

Full System Upgrade package includes Powered Subwoofer Upgrade (see below), plus multi-channel DSP amplifier for factory speakers, wiring kit and mounting brackets.

Powered Subwoofer Upgrade includes a loaded subwoofer enclosure that mounts in the cargo area, a 200-watt integrated amplifier, wiring kit and mounting brackets. The enclosure contains a 10-inch round subwoofer for significant additional bass response.

NOTE: The FF3CA13SAMY kit contains a system amplifer and powered subwoofer and is designed for the 2013 Chevrolet Camaro with MyLink.

Camaro System Diagram

Camaro System Diagram

Chevrolet Camaro Amp

Camaro Amp

Chevrolet Camaro Subwoofer

Camaro Subwoofer



Part Number: FF3CA13SAMY
Downloads: Chevrolet Brochure | Camaro Brochure
Website: Visit Kicker's Website
Normal shipping time: Five days
Parts Warranty: Five Years
Labor Warranty: LIFETIME
Included with local installation:
Powered Subwoofer & System Amplifer w/DSP


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