Support Statement


If you are reading this, you have either purchased a Linkswell T-style radio from ADC Mobile or are contemplating the purchase. If you have already purchased – THANK YOU! We will do our best to surpass your expectations for support after the sale.

If you are contemplating the purchase, we are confident you will find that ADC Mobile knows more about the Linkswell T-Style systems than anyone and we will do our very best to support you in that purchase. Due to the fact that we are part of the Linkswell Engineering & Beta Team, we have access that very few other dealers have with the factory engineering and support staffs.

We know that there are many places you can find these products, but there are some VERY IMPORTANT differences in the dealers you may purchase from. We have over 120 YEARS in professional car audio installation experience on our staff, which gives us a dramatically wider “field of view” of potential issues that may affect your vehicle and your installation, and we have tried to distill those experiences into this guide. 

IMPORTANT NOTE ON FACTORY SUPPORT: Linkswell limits the support they provide to their FACTORY AUTHORIZED DEALERS ONLY. They do not work directly with the purchaser, so if you call the factory, they will route you back to your dealer for support – this means that with ADC Mobile you will get the benefit of all of our experience with the product – with other dealers, not so much…

On the front page of the Linkswell website, there is a notice regarding purchases made on Amazon or EBay:

Technical Support & Warranty Disclaimer

Linkswell believes that due to the technical nature of our products, our products are best represented and consumers are best served by our team of factory trained and supported dealers. We highly recommend purchasing our products from one of the factory authorized dealers found here: .

Due to the nature of online shopping platforms like Amazon and eBay, consumers of our products cannot be adequately supported on those platforms and accordingly, we limit support for products purchased there.


We always advise our customers to do what is right for them, and we realize that we may not always be the best option for every customer, but before you purchase Linkswell product on Amazon or EBay, think long and hard about the lack of support you will experience on what is a VERY technical and expensive system upgrade. With our competitive pricing (tax-free if outside WA state), free shipping and unlimited phone & email tech support with real installers, we feel that purchasing from ADC Mobile is the smartest place to spend your money on your new Linkswell T-Style upgrade! :- )

Firmware Updating

Keeping your unit upgraded to the latest firmware is CRITICAL for smooth and trouble-free operation!

All Linkswell radios run on custom firmware that incorporate the additional features required to interact with the vehicle and with the devices that attach to it.  It is important that you check occasionally for updates and apply any updates that are found.

If we have to help you troubleshoot problems, the FIRST thing we will ask is whether the unit is running the latest firmware.  With the constant flow of updates for bug fixes and feature improvements, it is vital that you try updating your unit to the latest available firmware BFORE we help you troubleshoot any problems you may have. A majority of issues can now be fixed with a simple firmware upgrade, and both ADC Mobile & Linkswell will require the latest firmware be installed prior to undergoing extended troubleshooting or warranty service.

All units currently sold by ADC Mobile are updated to the latest version available at the time our units were shipped from the factory, and all are currently running at least APP version 4.4, which allows over-the-air updating via Wi-Fi.

NOTE: If your GEN4 unit is not currently updated to at least APP version 4.4, it would be beneficial for you to update as soon as possible. All major firmware updates can be downloaded from the Linkswell website. (NOTE: GEN 1/2/3 radios are not capable of upgrading to the APP 4.4 firmware)

Version 4.4 adds many bug fixes and new features, including new settings menus, more settings options, additional menu bars and the ability to customize them, full-time HVAC controls in the bottom menu bar, and it also allows all future updates to be done over-the-air (OTA) via wi-fi. 

  • I have a GEN4 unit with the old firmware with icons down the left side on the “Settings” page – how do I update to the latest firmware (APP 4.4+) that allows OTA updates?

    • Download the latest APP file (the one with the highest number) from the Dropbox link here.
    • Format a USB drive to be sure that it is empty, then open the .zip file you downloaded and copy the one file inside titled “” to the root of the USB.
    • Verify that there is only one file on the drive  – “” – and that it is not inside a folder.
    • Take the USB to the vehicle, turn the ignition on and allow the system to boot up.
    • Disconnect all other USB devices connected to the radio including phone, DVRCAM, etc.
    • Once the unit is booted up, plug the USB drive directly into one of the USB inputs.
    • The system should recognize the update file and pop up an alert asking if you want to run the update.
    • Press yes and allow the update to run.
    • Once the update is finished, you should see some text on screen to “Unplug the USB Disk.” Unplug the USB stick, and allow the system to reboot.
    • Allow the system to reboot completely, then go to “Settings” – you should see a different layout than you had before.
    • See the next section to proceed with over-the-air updates.
  • My system is updated to APP 4.4 or higher. How do I update my system to the latest firmware?

    • When connected to a home or office Wi-Fi network, click the “SETTINGS>SYSTEM>UPGRADE” tab on the radio to check for updates. If it finds an update, it will ask you to install it. It would be beneficial to check for updates at least every 30-45 days.
  • When I try to update firmware, I get “config file not found” error

    • This failure may be related to using a hotspot connection. Do not try to do updates when connected to a hotspot if at all possible. Connect to a home or office Wi-Fi network that is capable of high-speed connection, as the APP update is almost 1GB in size and will take FOREVER on a standard hotspot connection.
    • Alternatively, this error can be seen if the factory update server is down or in maintenance mode.
  • I’ve been instructed to update the CANBOX – how do I do this?

    • NOTE: Unless instructed, it is not normally advised to do CANBOX updates, as these will be be vehicle and problem-specific updates to fix very specific issues.
    • If you are instructed to do a CANBOX update, follow the instructions below:
  • I’ve been instructed to do a complete reinstallation of the factory files – how do I do this?

    • Very rarely, we may recommend doing a complete reinstallation of the operating files on the unit to help troubleshoot problems. NOTE: This is normally used as a last-ditch effort to solve specific issues and will not normally be recommended for minor problems. DO NOT DO THIS UPDATE UNLESS INSTRUCTED TO!
    • If we do recommend this process, please follow this guide to rebuild those operating files:

NOTE: After updating firmware, if your camera screen is very dark, put the vehicle in reverse, then tap the top left corner of the bar at the top of the screen to bring up the picture adjustment menu – choose “Default” to restore image settings.

T-Style Apps

Below are all the system applications that come loaded to your T-Style from the factory as well as some fun 3rd party applications that might enhance your experience with your T-Style Radio.

To install any of these applications follow the instructions below.

  1. Click the hyperlink to the APP you desire to download.
  2. Select Download -> Direct Download and the APK file will download to your computer.
  3. Copy the downloaded APK file to a USB drive.
  4. Turn your vehicle on and boot up your LinksWell T-Style radio.
  5. Plug the USB into one of the USB inputs, be sure not to plug it into the white PhoneLink dongle.
  6. Launch the File Manager Application on the radio and navigate to the USB to see the Application.
  7. Press to select the APK file on the screen and the system will ask if you want to install the APP. Select yes and then the system will begin to install the APP.
  8. After the install is complete you can access the APP from the APP List icon. 

Old Type ADAS     (USB DVR App) (See this photo for Reference)

New Type ADAS     (USB DVR App) (See this photo for Reference)

AnyDesk v5.3.6 (Remote Access app for troubleshooting)

DevInfo     (Required to get iGO Navigation licensed)

Droid Optimizer v2.2.0 (Optimizes Android System)

FoxIt PDF Editor v7.3.0.0424 (PDF viewer/editor)

Google Chrome     (Default internet browser)

NesEmu     (NES Emulator)

Nova Launcher v6.2.9 (Alternate launcher for customizable “Home Screen”)

MegaN64     (Nintendo 64 Emulator)

Netflix v6.26.1     GEN IV (Netflix App for Android 8)

Easy Connect    (Phone Mirroring App. Requires license & may not work on all units)

ZLINK     Tesla Style GEN 4 ONLY (Apple CarPlay/Android Auto App) Current Version: 4.0.26

**Installing too many applications or downloading too many files to the hard drive can cause the system to run slow.**

Applications & Compatiblity

  • 2015-2020 Ford F-150 w/4.2″ or 8″ screen
  • 2017-2022 Super Duty 250/350/450 w/4.2″ or 8″ screen (2020+ Super-Duty trucks require optional harness)


Factory Features Retained: (if present)
USB ports
Steering Wheel Controls
Steering Wheel Heater
Ambient Lighting Controls
Heated Seat Controls
Cooled Seat Controls
Massaging Seat Controls
Factory Rear Camera
Factory Front Camera
Factory 360 Camera (additional adapter required for 360 system with touchscreen control of cameras)
Manual HVAC Controls
Automatic HVAC Controls
Factory remote start from keyfob (see note below for Ford Pass phone app remote start)
Bang & Olufsen Audio System (additional adapter required if factory audio module has Blue USB port – see tech tips)

Factory Features NOT Retained: (if present)
Ford Pass
Satellite Radio
HD Radio
CD Player
Driver Information Center radio & navigation displays
Factory Microphone
Steering Wheel Voice Command
Auto-Parking/Parking assistance (knob on dashboard that turns steering wheel)
Auto HVAC & heated seats/wheel from factory remote start (manual settings supported)
Rapid Heat Supplemental Cab Heater
Ford Pass Remote Start from phone app (remote start from keyfob is not affected) – NOTE: may not affect all systems prior to SYNC 3 v3.4 Build 20136
2020 Super Duty: Center channel speaker in non-amplified factory systems

Aftermarket accessories NOT supported:
May not be FULLY compatible with some “Amp Research” power steps – may cause short (<1 second) audio dropouts when operating steps
Rough Country or HyperTech Inline Speedometer Calibrator

Note: The list above is what is known regarding integration with factory features and options. Some combinations of factory options may not have been tested in the development of this unit, and may not be supported.

Some factory features may be lost or altered due to automatic updating of the operating system of the vehicle – IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO ALLOW AUTOMATIC UPDATING OF THE FACTORY SOFTWARE, PLEASE DISABLE AUTOMATIC UPDATING IN THE FACTORY RADIO PRIOR TO REMOVAL OF FACTORY RADIO. 

If your vehicle has an option or feature that is not shown, please call before purchase to confirm whether or not it is supported. We do not refund based on non-support of factory features.

Owner’s Manuals & Setup Guides

GEN4 “A/B” Owner’s Manual

GEN4 “PLUS” Owner’s Manual

Setup Guide

Radio Settings Guide


We’ve had a ton of experience with the T-Style radios and have gathered our knowledge together in this FAQ that hopefully will answer a lot of your questions regarding the features, operation, installation and troubleshooting of the system. We highly recommend reading through this whole section both before your purchase and prior to installation so you can gain a better understanding of the capabilities of the unit, the idiosyncrasies of the various installations and some tips and tricks that will help your install and setup of the system go much smoother.

We will be adding to this section as time goes on, and are happy to take feedback from owners in order to make this FAQ as definitieve as possible. Feel free to contact us with your feedback on our Contact Form.

  • Will the system work on my truck?

    • The F-Series T-Style radio works on these models:
      • 2015-2020 F150 with Base, Sony or Bang & Olufsen audio systems. Base & SONY systems are fully compatible with the harnesses included in the box. B&O systems may require additional adapters at additional cost.
      • 2017-2020 F250/F350/F450/F550 with Base, Sony or Bang & Olufsen audio systems. Base & SONY systems are fully compatible with the harnesses included in the box. 2017-2019 B&O systems may require additional adapters at additional cost. (Work truck trim level with the standard radio is not compatible) NOTE: 2020 Base, Sony & B&O systems require optional adapters to operate.
  • My truck has the B&O audio system – do I need the B&O adapter?

    • The Bang & Olufsen system can be identified by the B&O logo on the center dashboard speaker. Most 2015-19 F-150/F-250/F-350 with the B&O system will require the purchase and use of the B&O adapter, but there are some cases where this will not be necessary. This can ONLY be determined at the time of installation.
    • All 2020 Super Duty trucks with the B&O system will require the B&O adapter.
    • We recommend purchasing the B&O adapter if your truck has the B&O system. In the INSTALLATION section below, we outline how to tell if the B&O adapter will be needed in your particular system, and we will refund for UNUSED B&O adapters ONLY.
  • Will I lose Ford SYNC when I install the T-Style radio?

    • Yes.  The T-Style radio is a complete aftermarket radio replacement so it will replace all the factory Ford Sync parts.
    • This includes the SYNC phone app and tracking
  • Can I keep the factory CD player with the T-Style radio?

    • No.  The factory CD player is removed when installing the T-Style radio.
  • Can I keep the factory satellite radio tuner with the T-Style radio?

    • No.  The factory satellite tuner contained in the factory radio and is removed when installing the T-Style radio.
  • Will my radio & navigation info still display in the Driver Information Center in the cluster?

    • No. The hardware for those features is in the factory radio & SYNC modules, and is removed when installing the T-Style radio.
  • Will the factory remote start still work with the T-Style radio?

    • Yes.  The system will activate the climate control in remote start.  It is only able currently to support the “last position” setting and not the auto setting.
  • Will my factory Steering Wheel Controls work?

    • Yes.  It will retain the all the functions of the steering wheel controls except the voice control button due to our system not having any voice control functions
  • Will the system work the massage/heated/cooled seats?

    • Yes.  There is an application in the Apps list that will give you the control of the factory massage seats. Heating and cooling functions are maintained in the HVAC interface and are turned on in the Settings menu.
  • Will my Heated Steering Wheel still function?

    • Yes.  The steering wheel heater functions are maintained in the HVAC interface. This is turned on in the Settings menu if you have the heated wheel.
  • Will the T-Style system make my manual climate controls into the dual and or Automatic controls?

    • No.  The system will turn your manual controls into touch screen controls but it will not add the functions of the Automatic temp control or dual climate control.
  • I live in Minnesota/Arizona – Are the screens designed to work in extreme environments?

    • Yes. The GEN4 screens are tested to perform from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to +170 degrees Fahrenheit. We have never seen a screen fail due to environmental issues
    • Here’s a video showing the cold weather testing the screens go through:
  • Will my Ambient Lighting controls still work?

    • Yes. There is an app that controls the Ambient Lighting.
  • Will my factory camera still work?

    • Yes.  The radio will retain your factory back up camera and retain the factory parking and dynamic (moving) lines.
    • It will also retain the default view of the factory 360 camera system.  If you control the 360 camera views FROM THE TOUCHSCREEN OF THE RADIO, you should consider buying the 360 camera module to retain those views. If you control the cameras by toggling the camera switch above the radio screen, no additional adapters are required.
  • Can I add an aftermarket camera to the T-Style radio?

    • Yes.  The system comes with 3 dedicated camera inputs, front, right and rear, as well as an A/V input that can also be used for a camera input.
    • If your truck does not have a factory rear camera, one can be added and will trigger by default in reverse.
    • The right turn signal input is triggered from the right turn signal. The front camera input is accessible manually.
  • Can I add more than three cameras to this system?

    • Yes. The FDPUCMADPT multi-cam adapter allows for the addition of up to 6 cameras and allows access to all cameras from the touchscreen, just like the factory 360 camera system adapter! This can include a front camera, left and right side cameras, 3rd brakelight camera, rear camera and a trailer camera, or just about any combination of cameras you want to add.
  • Will I need to purchase any other parts to install a vehicle specific T-Style into my car?

    • No. Our system comes 100% complete with everything needed for a standard installation in Base Audio or SONY systems.
    • If your vehicle is equipped with the B&O Audio System it may require the purchase of our B&O adaptor.
    • If you want full onscreen controls of the factory 360 camera system you will need to purchase the 360 camera interface.
  • Does the T-Style Radio retain the factory Bluetooth microphone?

    • No.  Bluetooth functions require the use of the supplied microphone.
  • How many USB inputs does the T-Style System have?

    • GEN 4 Systems come with 3 USB inputs.  One will retain the factory USB inputs and there are 2 additional universal inputs
  • What can I use the USB’s for?

    • Music & Video Play back.  The T-Style systems supports the major audio and video formats.
      • Audio: MP1, MP2, MP3, APE, WMA, WAV, OGG, OGA, FLAC, ACC, M4A
      • Video: MPG, TS, DAT, VOB, MP4, MOV, 3GP, AVI, MKV, TS, FLV, RMVB,RM, WEB, WMA, ASF
    • Data transfer.  You use the USB inputs to run firmware updates as well you can use them to download music/video files or 3rd party Android applications.
    • PhoneLink System.  See following questions for more info on the PhoneLink System.
  • Can I use a mouse/keyboard on the T-style radio?

    • Yes.  Since the Android tablet that runs the system has USB inputs, any USB keyboard or mouse should work, including wireless devices that use USB receivers.
  • Will the T-Style Radios work with an iPhone and Android phones?

    • Yes.  The system will work with both Android and Apple phones.  You can connect either through Bluetooth to do hands-free calling and music streaming.  You can also use the white “AutoLink” USB dongle that plugs into one of the USB inputs and activates the PhoneLink system giving you onscreen access and control to you phones text messages, music, navigation and select applications, (ie. Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, Waze, etc.)
  • How long does it take for the T-Style radios to fully boot up?

    • 15-20 Seconds.  The T-Style radio is literally an Android tablet, so just like your laptop, tablet, phone or desk top computer it takes time for the systems to power up.  It will take approximately 20 seconds to completely boot up.  The back up camera will work before the system boots up and display with in 5-8 seconds of turning on the key.
  • What navigation system does the radio come with?

    • The system comes with Google Maps already installed, but any navigation app you can download from the Google Play Store can be used in its place. NOTE: All app-based navigation systems will require the use of a internet hotspot (either a dedicated hotspot or your phone hotspot) for their data unless downloaded for offline use.
  • Can I get a navigation system with the radio that DOES NOT need to use internet data to operate?

    • YES. For situations where you will be traveling and can’t rely on cell coverage, or you have a limited data plan, you can download offline data for Google Maps or the pre-installed iGo Next Gen navigation can be licensed and used on the T-Style radio. Cost for this upgrade is $100 and the upgrade can be done at the time of purchase or at any time after. See the “IGO NEXT GEN NAVI UPGRADE” tab on this page for an overview of the process.
  • If I don’t buy the iGo Next Gen upgrade, do I still have to install the GPS antenna?

    • YES. Installation of the GPS antenna will still be required when using Google Maps or any app-based navigation system or location-based app.
  • What version of Android does the T-Style Radio system run?

    • Android 8.1
  • Can I upgrade the Android version?

    • No. All firmware is written for only the Android version the unit was originally sold with.
  • How big is the built-in hard drive on the GEN 4 T-Style radios?

    • 64GB w/4GB of RAM.  A note of caution: the more memory you use for applications and media, the more likely to affect the speed of the system.
  • Can I go online with the T-Style radios?

    • Yes.  The T-Style radios are Android tablets, and so are able to do the majority of the same things a standard tablet can do – things like access to the Google Play store for apps, a web browser for internet exploring, etc.  The system will require an internet hotspot of some sort, either from your home’s Wi-Fi, your internet provider local hotspots, Wi-Fi built into the vehicle or your cell phone’s hotspot.

  • Does the T-Style have a built SIM Card that I can activate with my cell phone provider?

    • No.  The system requires an outside hotspot to make the internet browser and online applications work.
  • Can I connect a T-Style Radio to aftermarket amplifiers?

    • Yes.  Front, Rear and Sub RCA 5 volt outputs allow you to connect to your aftermarket amplifiers.
  • Can I connect SiriusXM to a T-Style Radio?

    • No.  There is currently no SiriusXM option other than using the SiriusXM app either through the system itself or through the PhoneLink system
  • How do I update my system to the latest firmware?

    • See the “FIRMWARE UPDATES” section on this page and follow the onscreen instructions for the available updates.
  • How long is the warranty?

    • 1 Year.  All Linkswell products have a 1 year replacement warranty from time of purchase.
  • Is this system the same as the other brands out there?

    • NO!  Linkswell is not related to any of the other brands selling a similar-looking product.  Linkswell has their own product development team and software engineers that do product development out of their Southern California office. Others, notably the Phoenix Android Radio, are based out of China and have little to no North American presence or support. ADC Mobile will not sell other brands, as we have not determined that their commitment to quality is the equal of Linkswell.


  • Can I do the installation myself? How difficult is it and how long should it take?

    • YES! Literally, 80-90% of our customers do it themselves. However, it depends entirely on your skill level and your willingness to approach the installation with care and caution.  You should be familiar with hand tools and be able to follow instructions IN THE ORDER GIVEN. You will absolutely need to take your time, read the instructions, watch our videos and do a methodical, step by step install. Fully 80% of our customers do it themselves, with guidance from the paperwork included with the unit and by watching the installation and demonstration videos. We will try as much as possible to assist you in attempting the installation yourself, with phone support from installers with decades of experience.
    • We categorize this install at a 2 on a 10 scale of difficulty (again, provided you read the instructions and watch the videos), as there no operations that require anything more than basic hand tools and reasonable care to complete. On a base or SONY system, most people will do the installation start to finish in under 4 hours. The B&O installation (see more answers below) may add another 30-45 minutes
  • Is there anything I need to do on the factory radio before I remove it?

    • POSSIBLY. If you have a factory hotspot built into the truck, the factory radio is where the password for that hotspot is stored. In order to not have to reinstall the factory radio, TAKE A PICTURE OF THE FACTORY HOTSPOT PASSWORD BEFORE YOU REMOVE THE RADIO!
  • My truck came with factory navigation – can I re-use the factory GPS antenna with the T-Style radio?

    • We do not recommend it due to tolerance differences that may result in intermittent GPS reception.
  • Does the GPS antenna need to be mounted outside or need to be visible in the truck?

    • NO. The GPS antenna does not need to be mounted outside the truck and does not need to be visible inside the truck. As long as there is no metal between the top of the GPS antenna and its view of the sky, it can be mounted almost anywhere. We normally mount it under the dashboard in the area to the right of the defroster vent under the trim at the base of the windshield.
  • What is the blade-style antenna for and do I need to use it?

    • This antenna is the wifi antenna and is required to be used in order for the radio to pick up wifi signal from the truck or phone’s hotspot. Be sure to snugly tighten it with a wrench (DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN) before finalizing the installation so it will not loosen over time.
  • Are there any tips or tricks that will make the installation easier or minimize the possibility of damage to the radio or my truck?

    • YES! We have over 110 years of professional installation experience on the ADC Mobile staff and we’re happy to pass along “best practices” to help with your install – feel free to call us if you get stuck on any step, and we’ll be happy to help. Here are some of the major tips that will help your installation go smoothly:
      • Use the right tools: This installation will require 7 & 10mm sockets, plastic trims tools, a pick or a small flat blade screwdriver and some small zip ties.
      • Protect the new radio and the truck: Don’t do any work in the truck before bringing a blanket from the house and covering the center console of the truck so that you don’t have to worry about scratching the radio bezel or the truck’s console. Nothing will wreck your day faster than ruining the finish on your new radio!
      • Take your time! Allow plenty of time for the installation and setup of your new radio. Rushing the install or not covering all of the setup steps required once it’s up and running adds to your frustration and to ours. Do the install on a weekend when the truck doesn’t need to be used. Do the setup when you can spend the time to learn the system and explore all of the menus.
      • Have an extra set of hands available: Since this is a BIG radio with a lot of harnesses attached to it, a second set of hands will definitely make things easier. Try to line up a spouse or a friend to lend a hand when it comes time to make all of your connections.
      • DO NOT PRY PLASTIC PANELS APART WITH METAL TOOLS! To remove the trim around the factory radio, we suggest that you use a plastic trim tool. These are readily available online or in your local auto parts store, and most sets cost less than $10.
      • The plastic clips that hold the factory radio trim into the dashboard will need to be swapped to the new radio. You can use a small pick or flat blade screwdriver to remove these clips, but do this on your kitchen table – don’t swap them inside the truck where they can fall on the floor and get lost. Leave the plastic film on the radio bezel, and consider laying a soft cloth or towel down as you install the clips onto the radio bezel.
      • Make sure to check your work, and test the system BEFORE you bolt it all back together! There will be nothing more frustrating than getting the system all done and bolted back in only to find that you overlooked a connector or have something plugged into the wrong spot. Although you may want to admire the finished product ASAP, do yourself a favor and check ALL FUNCTIONS before you bolt it back in.
        • Make sure the radio works and it pulls in stations on both AM & FM. If FM works and AM does not, check the connection on the antenna adapter and make sure you are plugged into the large BLACK antenna cable that was on the back of the audio module.
        • Make sure all USB ports charge your phone and play digital media. If you can’t charge on the factory USB ports, make sure you plugged the two-pin plug (ORANGE & BLACK wires) from the 54-pin camera connector into the matching two-pin plug on the main harness.
        • Make sure the Bluetooth system works and that you can make calls using the outboard microphone. If not, make sure the microphone is plugged in tight.
        • Make sure the steering wheel controls work.
        • Make sure the HVAC system is set and works properly. If you have the AUTOMATIC A/C controls, follow the programming steps in the HVAC setup guide.
        • Make sure the radio can pair to your hotspot and that it connects to the internet. If not, make sure the wi-fi blade antenna is installed and tight and that you retrieved the factory password from the factory radio BEFORE you took out the factory radio – if not, you will need to reinstall it to get that password! Make sure you are entering the password properly. 
        • Make sure the backup camera works.
        • Make sure Google Maps (or iGo Next Gen navigation, if purchased) is able to get a GPS fix. If not, check the GPS antenna connection.
        • (OPTIONAL) Make sure the DVR camera operates. If not, check the USB connection and that the connection in its harness is plugged in tight.
  • Do I need to use all of  the harnesses supplied with the radio?

    • We do recommend plugging in all of the additional plugs that came with system into the proper ports on the back of the unit, regardless of whether you intend to use them or not, simply so that if you ever decide in the future to add amplifiers or other accessories, all of the plugs will be there instead of getting lost in the garage somewhere…


Installation Difficulty: 2 out of 10

Tools & Parts Required: Plastic trim tool, 7mm socket, 10mm socket, Phillips screwdriver, needle-nose pliers or pick tool (for removing trim clips from rear of factory trim piece), zip ties

For any type of advanced electronics, professional installation is always advised, but most owners are capable of doing the installation themselves if you own some basic hand tools and a spare few hours to dedicate to the installation. 

If you need any help or guidance, feel free to call us at 253-297-4570 – we’d rather answer your questions in advance than to have you make a mistake because you didn’t understand any of the instructions or installation steps.

Installation of the GEN4 T-Style radio in the Ford F-Series trucks is very straightforward and relatively easy, as it is completely plug and play. We rate this install as about 2 on a 10 scale of difficulty, and should take most owners 2-3 hours to install, depending on your level of ability and which factory system your truck came with.

We HIGHLY recommend that you watch the installation video below start to finish in order to familiarize yourself with the process.

NOTE: The video below shows the installation of a GEN2 T-Style radio, so some of the installation steps will be very slightly different:

  • The rear panel of the GEN4 radio will be laid out differently
  • USB inputs will be different – there will be two USB plugs – RED and WHITE
  • New production units are now coming with an extended wi-fi antenna instead of the small “rubber ducky” style antenna



IMPORTANT: Open the box that contains all of the harnesses and adapters that shipped with the unit and lay them out on a table or bench so that all the parts and pieces can be identified and NOT GET LOST. We get a lot of tech calls from customers that swear they are missing a harness, when in fact it has fallen out of the truck, between the seats, etc. We have never seen a unit ship without all of the harnesses that are supposed to be there…

Prior to installation, determine which factory radio is present in your truck in order to determine which other accessories may be necessary for your install.

  • All 2020+ NON-B&O Super Duty trucks require the 2020+ Super Duty harness
  • 8″ screen w/o 360 camera system: NO ADDITIONAL MODULES REQUIRED
  • 8″ screen w/360 camera system:
    • If you bring up the factory camera on-screen and toggle through all views using the factory “CAM” button only – NO ADDITIONAL MODULES REQUIRED
    • If you bring up the factory camera on-screen and toggle through all views on the touchscreen – 360 CAMERA MODULE IS REQUIRED
  • Bang & Olufsen audio system: Trucks with B&O premium audio system can be identified by the presence of a small “B&O” logo on the center speaker on the dashboard:

    • Most 2014-2018 trucks with the Bang & Olufsen audio will have a BLUE USB JACK on the back of the factory CD player or “audio box” and will require the OPTIONAL B&O ADAPTER and follow the instructions below
    • Some 2018-2019 trucks MAY NOT require the B&O adapter – this depends on the presence of a BLUE USB JACK on the back of the factory “audio box” – see the sections below for guidance
  • For 2018-2019 F-150, to identify if you need the B&O adapter, you will need to determine if you have a factory BLUE USB JACK on the back of the factory CD player/audio box.
    • If you DO have the BLUE USB JACK, you will need the B&O adapter and will use the main harness supplied with the B&O adapter and follow the instructions below to retain and remount the CD player/audio box in the dashboard
    • If you DO NOT have the BLUE USB JACK, you will use the main harness supplied with the radio and WILL NOT have to retain the factory CD player/audio box

When using the Bang & Olufsen adapter, the factory CD player/audio box must be retained and remounted in the dashboard. The B&O adapter’s T-harnesses will be connected to the factory harness that was originally plugged into the factory CD player/audio box (female connectors) and plugged back into the factory CD player/audio box (male connectors).


Because the GEN4 T-Style radio has a dedicated USB input for Android Auto and Car Play, we highly recommend that you read the information “USB Connections” section below so you are aware of how the USB inputs need to be configured (especially important if you are planning on using an iPhone and Car Play).

All trucks that use the “54-Pin Camera Connector” will need to have the small two-pin plug (with ORANGE & BLACK wires) plugged into the mating connector on the main harness – this powers the factory USB port, and without it pugged in, the factory port will not light up and will not operate.


The GEN4 T-Style radio comes with multiple additional accessory plugs that may or may not be required for your installation. The image below shows the proper locations for all of the accessory plugs.

Even though these plugs are keyed to help locate them into the proper ports, it is possible to plug some of them in incorrectly. NOTE: It is extremely important that all plugs are plugged into the proper ports in order for all accessories to operate properly! Damage to accessories or to the radio may result from improperly located accessory plugs! 

We highly recommend that you plug in ALL of the plugs to the their proper ports even if you are not using them in order to not lose them – for instance, if you ever decide to add amplifiers to your system, you will need the RCA output harness. If that plug is plugged in already, you can’t lose it in the garage somewhere… :- )

Microphone placement:

When deciding where to place the included microphone (YES, IT IS REQUIRED TO USE IT), the goal is to mount the mic where it will get the least amount of vibration and wind noise transmitted to the mic. Avoid the temptation to take shortcuts while running the mic! Don’t mount it on the dashboard or clip it to the “A”-pillar cover, as sound quality will suffer.

After much experimentation (including trying to incorporate the factory microphone into the Linkswell system), we have found the best place to mount the mic is up near the rearview mirror as shown here:

What we have done is simply zip-tied the mic wire to the harness that runs down to the rearview mirror and let the mic hang down vertically. This will eliminate, as much as possible, the amount of vibration that the truck is able to feed into the mic, and will result in much better overall better sound quality – if done properly, it will sound BETTER than the factory Bluetooth.


The GEN 4 Ford T-style radio comes with a standard female RCA video input labeled “FACT CAM INPUT” on the BLACK “CAM INPUTS” plug. This input is designed to accept a rear camera input, whether from an aftermarket camera with RCA output, or from the factory camera (if equipped) using one of the two adapters provided with the system.


Please review the images and descriptions below to help determine which of the adapters you will use if to adapt the factory camera that displays on the factory screen:

4.2″ screen

This module is usually seen on older models or lower trim level trucks

4.2″ screen

Usually seen on newer model trucks (2018-2019)


Some later model trucks with the 4.2″ screen also come with a control box that has a plug that fits the 8″ camera adapter (at right).


8″ screen

This module is seen on all model years w/8″ screen


If you have the factory 360 camera system, it must be programmed to work properly. To do this, we will review two settings:

  • In “Settings>System>Setting Guide>Car Model A/C, you will choose the proper HVAC setting (“F-150 Lo” for MANUAL A/C) or (“F-150 Hi” for AUTOMATIC A/C). Tap on the appropriate setting.
  • Once you are on the page with the picture of the truck, review the center dropdown setting – this should be set to “2019” for later model trucks (generally late 2018-up) or “Other” (2018-down). Hit “OK” on that screen, then hit the back arrow to get back to the “Setting Guide” menu.
  • Open “Camera Settings” in that menu and turn “360” ON and leave “Multicam” OFF.
  • Save your settings and reboot the radio by hitting the “SAVE” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Once the radio reboots, turn off the truck and remove the key when you see the splash screen come up. Count to 10 before restarting the truck.
  • To test the 360 camera system, hit the factory “CAM” button, then test the icons on the radio screen. if the icons do not activate your cameras, repeat the process above, but choose the opposite setting for the year (2019 – OTHER), and reboot.
  • NOTE: if you have ONLY the factory tailgate camera, make sure BOTH “360” and “Multicam” settings are OFF.


The FDPUMCADPT multi-cam adapter module is a great way to equip you truck with multiple cameras and be able to operate them from the touchscreen of the radio, almost exactly as the factory 360 camera system operates! The main difference is that the Multi-cam adapter does not “stitch together” all of the camera views like the factory 360 camera system does – they are all individual views when chosen on-screen.


We cannot suggest strongly enough that before you place the radio back in the dashboard and screw it in, test every function first! Almost all tech phone calls we get regarding non-working functions (especially USB and Bluetooth mic issues) are due to not plugging the connectors into the proper ports or checking to make sure they are snapped in tight. You will save yourself time, effort and possible damage to the radio or the dashboard by simply testing all functions prior to bolting it in – that way you don’t have to pull it out again multiple times to fix the problems.

Once you have completed the installation, there are some setup steps that need to be completed that allow the radio to communicate properly with your HVAC controls and to modify the clock settings in the Android settings to maintain proper time display. Follow the steps below to set up those systems.



NOTE: HVAC controls will not be active when using the factory remote start, since the radio is not powered up during remote start. In order to have your HVAC come on at the previously set settings, you must enable the “last settings” option in the Driver Information Center (gauge cluster settings)


Due to a conflict between the Android system clock and the radio’s clock, the Android system clock will need to be set manually in order to maintain accurate time when the vehicle is shut off and restarted.

Go to “Settings” > “More Settings” > “Android” > “System

Scroll to “Date & Time

Turn off “Automatic date & time

Turn off “Automatic time zone

Set the date, time and time zone manually for your location


USB Connections


The GEN4 radio made a change in how you will accomplish Car Play & Android Auto – it no longer requires an outboard dongle to allow those functions – you now will plug the phone’s charging cable directly to the USB input without using a dongle. However, the GEN4 radio has three USB inputs – two are standard female “A” type USB  – one is labeled “Phonelink” (RED PLUG) and one is a standard USB female (WHITE PLUG). There is one mini female “B” type USB (RED PLUG) designed to plug into the factory USB harness and activate the factory USB hub in the console.



Android phones can use any of the Linkswell radio’s USB inputs to accomplish Android Auto. You will be able to plug in the factory Ford UBS hub and operate Android Auto without issue, and have the standard female USBs left over to plug in other USB devices like the Linkswell DVRCAM.


To allow Car Play, voltage switching occurs in the radio and only the Phonelink port does that. To do Car Play, iPhones must use a direct connection to the USB input labeled “Phonelink”. This means that your iPhone must be connected to the Phonelink USB input directly and not through any other hubs or adaptersINCLUDING THE FACTORY USB HUB.

To accomplish a cleaner installation to use the Phonelink input for using Car Play while still using the Ford factory USB hub, follow the methods below:

Method 1: Source a longer USB-Lightning charging cable (like the one shown below) – plug it into the “Phonelink” female USB input and run it to your preferred location (center box, console storage, etc.). The radio’s second (square) USB input will connect to the factory Ford USB cable. Using this method, the center console USB ports will work for charging, USB devices and Android Auto. 
Method 2: Source a USB M-F adapter (like the one shown below) that extends the “Phonelink” female USB to an external location, and mount in your preferred location. The radio’s second (square) USB input will connect to the factory Ford USB cable. Using this method, the center console USB ports will work for charging, USB devices and Android Auto.


Tech Tips

If you read the owner’s Manual, watched the installation video, and followed the installation & setup steps and still are having issues, some of the common things to check are listed below:

  • Screen controls are backwards/upside down! 

    • Sometimes if you have the radio powered on while fitting the radio back into the dashboard, the radio will go into “calibration mode”, and leave you with mixed up touch controls. 
    • To fix, restart the radio and when it is booted up, place five fingers on the touchscreen, then follow the instructions to recalibrate the screen.
  • Radio won’t power on:

    • Overwhelmingly, issues with the radio not turning on are related to the connectors either not being plugged in or not being seated properly – we recommend that all connections made to factory connectors are plugged in and given a tug to make sure they are snapped in properly.
    • Make sure that the two large connectors on the Main Harness (#6 in Owner’s Manual image) are firmly connected to the connectors that were originally plugged into the back of the CD player/Audio box (the silver box below the factory screen that was removed with four 10mm bolts)
    • Make sure that the red data box is SECURELY connected to the Main Harness WHITE plug – this box is what interprets the vehicle data and sends out the 12V to the radio, so it is critical that this be plugged in securely!
  • No Audio:

    • B&O SYSTEMS: Make sure the RCA leads on the B&O harness are plugged into the front L & R RCA female output plugs on the YELLOW RCA OUTPUT harness.
      • NOTE: B&O Systems have more audio controls in the “VEHICLE” settings menu as well to control bass, treble, etc.
    • SONY AMPLIFIED SYSTEM: make sure the “Antenna Power” option is turned on in the settings menu
  • Different audio sources vary in volume, are too low/too loud, or distort when volume is turned up:

    • In the “Settings>Audio” menu, there are “pre-amp gain” level slider controls for all sources in the radio. These govern the relative output for all sources when compared to each other as well as the maximum output that is possible from each source. These controls are designed to be adjustable to give the best output across all sources and should be adjusted depending on your system and the sources you use.

    • The best way to set these gain controls is to lower all of them to “5”, then turn the volume of the radio up to 37-38 (out of the max of 40 on the volume scale), then switch between each source (radio, apps, AUX, USB etc.) and increase the slider control for each source so that at your volume level of 37-38 you get loud, clean output that is relatively the same for each source.

    • If you set the gains this way, you will insure that you will be getting the maximum clean output the radio or amplifier is capable of producing, and that as you switch between sources, all of them are at the same level, lessening the chance that one will be too soft while the other will blow you out of the truck at the same volume level setting.
  • Poor radio reception:

    • It is our experience that almost all aftermarket radios have radio sections that are not the equal of your factory radio, and you may experience slightly less performance from the Linkswell radio than you had on the factory radio – this is normal. However, we have had numerous complaints that the radio reception is non-existent, which leads to doing some basic troubleshooting of the installation.
    • The radio comes with an antenna adapter that needs to be plugged into the BLACK antenna cable in the truck – if the adapter is not seated all the way or is connected to the wrong antenna lead (usually the YELLOW satellite radio antenna connector), radio reception will suffer. The way to troubleshoot radio reception is to try and tune a local AM station first – if you are able to get AM, it means that the antenna system is intact and that you are plugged into the proper factory radio connector. If you DO NOT get any AM radio reception, you will need to double-check where you connected the antenna adapter.
  • HVAC is not functioning correctly: 

    • When shipped, the unit comes preset for MANUAL HVAC CONTROLS. If your truck has AUTOMATIC HVAC controls, you must follow the programming guide to set the controls properly. YOU MUST FOLLOW ALL OF THE STEPS LISTED, INCLUDING THE “SAVE AND REBOOT” STEP!
  • HVAC does not operate when remote starting the truck:

    • Auto HVAC controls will not be active when using the factory remote start, since the new radio is not powered up during remote start. In order to have your HVAC come on at the previously set settings, you must enable the “last settings” option in the Driver Information Center (gauge cluster settings).
  • Heated Seats, Cooled Seats, Heated Steering Wheel are not available to control:

    • Heated seats, cooled seats and heated steering wheel functions need to be turned on the in the menu in order to be controlled on the screen. To turn on these functions, go to “Settings” > “System” > “Setting Guide” “Wheel & Seats” section
    • Turn on Heated Steering Wheel with “WHEEL HEATING” option
    • Turn on Cooled Seats with “SEAT BLOWING” option
    • Turn on Heated Seats with “SEAT HEATING” option
  • Backup Camera will not display:

    • If the radio switches to the backup camera input when the truck is placed in reverse and you have a “NO SIGNAL” error, this means that the radio is operating properly and that the camera is not sending a signal to the backup camera input.
    • Consult the guide in the “Installation & Setup” section for the proper factory camera adapter to use for your vehicle, and make sure the adapter is plugged into the proper factory connector.
    • Make sure the factory backup camera adapter RCA lead is plugged into the RCA female connector on the BLACK plug (#5 in the Owner’s Manual image) labeled “FACTORY CAM”
    • Insure that the BLACK plug with the camera RCA inputs is plugged into the proper port on the back of the radio – it should be plugged into the port directly next to the blue GPS antenna connector (top row, far left when looking at the back of the radio)
  • I checked my plugs and the camera still will not display!

    • There is a setting in the “Factory Settings” menu that has the ability to turn off the camera input in the “B” series units – this is the “HDMI Input” setting, which must be turned “OFF”.
    • To check this settings, go to “Settings>System>Factory Settings>1660>Install Set” and look for the setting for “HDMI Input”. This must be turned OFF:
    • On “A” series units (those with HDMI input), this setting should be set to “ON”.
  • Backup Camera displays but colors are too dark:

    • Place the truck in reverse to display the backup camera screen, then tap the dark bar at the top of the screen – a video control should pop up in the top left corner – choose “default” in that control to reset the brightness of the backup camera display
  • 360 Camera system is not displaying properly:

    • Most 2015-2017 trucks with the 360 camera system will not require the 360 adapter – the way to tell is to press the factory “CAM” button with the factory radio installed: if your camera views toggle by pressing the button repeatedly, you will not need the adapter. If your “CAM” button brings up icons on your factory radio’s touchscreen, you will need the adapter
    • Make sure that you followed the instructions in the 360 adapter setup section above – if the 360 settings are not turned on and set correctly for the year of the vehicle in the HVAC settings page, the 360 camera system will not display all views, only the front and 360 view
    • In the “Settings>System>Setting Guide>Camera Settings” section, make sure that the “Factory 360” is turned “ON” and the “Multicam” is turned “OFF”. if both settings are turned on, the radio will not recognize the 360 module.
  • Multi-Cam adapter is not working

    • In the “Settings>System>Setting Guide>Camera Settings” section, make sure that the “Factory 360” is turned “OFF” and the “Multicam” is turned “ON”. if both settings are turned on, the radio will not recognize the multi-cam module.
  • Enable aftermarket right side camera on turn signal activation:

    • The input for an aftermarket right side turn signal-activated camera is not turned on by default – this must be turned on the menu (and only when you ARE NOT using the Linkswell Multi-cam adapter)
    • Go to “Settings” > “System” > “Factory Settings” and turn on the option for “Right Side”. Make sure that the option for “FRONT CAM WHEN IN DRIVE” is turned OFF
  • Why does my screen go black when I turn on my right turn signal?

    • If you have not installed a right-side camera but have that camera enabled in the menu, it will switch over to the right camera screen but display a black screen – NO SIGNAL. To stop this function, go to “Settings”>“System >”Factory Settings”.  Scroll through and turn off the “Right Side”.
  • Factory USB port does not work:

    • The factory USB port has a mating connector on the RED colored plug (#10 in the Owner’s Manual image) which needs to be plugged into the factory USB harness – this will activate the factory USB hub (but this will not allow Car Play to operate through the factory USB hub – see below)
    • On trucks with the 8″ factory screen, the two-pin plug with orange and black wires on the 54 Pin Camera Adapter labeled “USB POWER” must be plugged into the two pin female plug on the Main Harness to provide power to the factory USB hub
    • The RED colored plug carries the USB signal to the radio and can be accidentally plugged into the wrong port! This connector is keyed and should be plugged into the top row, far right 8-pin port next to the AM/FM antenna input.
  • PhoneLink app does not work at all:

    • Car Play requires that the phone’s charging cable to be plugged directly into the “PhoneLink” USB input.
    • NOTE: Android Auto does not care what USB port is used
    • Make sure the setting for “Auto run Car Auto” is set to “ON” in “Settings>System>Factory Settings>1660>User Settings”
  • PhoneLink App stuck on Waiting (won’t connect):

    • Go to “Settings > System > Factory Settings>1660>User Settings”. Change “Car Auto Apple” and “Car Auto Android” to “Charge Only”, then change it back to “Mobile Connection”. Press “Save and Reboot” to make sure the setting sets properly.
    • Car Play requires that the phone’s charging cable to be plugged directly into the “PhoneLink” USB input on the RED colored plug – it cannot operate when plugged into the factory USB hub.
  • PhoneLink App stuck on Waiting (may try to connect sometimes):

    • Make sure you are using a Genuine Apple cable, or reputable brand (Anker, for example). Some cables are for charging only, or are not Car Play compatible.
  • PhoneLink App says “Please insert into OTG Socket”:

    • Make sure the charging cable is plugged into “PhoneLink” USB Port.
  • Car Play skips two tracks from steering wheel controls:

    • Two updates need to be done, in order.
    • 1st: Update the APP: follow the firmware update procedure to do this update
    • 2nd: Update the ZLink app from the link in the T-Style Apps section above
  • Car Play phone call/mic issues:

    • When making calls using Car Play (iPhone is plugged into USB and Car Play is active), the mic is dead and callers cannot hear you – turn OFF Bluetooth on the iPhone while using Car Play for hands-free calling
  • Turn off Notification Chimes:

  • Disable sound muting while in reverse:

    • Go to settings
    • Go to system
    • Go to Factory settings
    • Enter 1660
    • Turn “Parking Sound” ON
  • Turn off “double lines” in reverse:

    • Go to settings
    • Go to system
    • Go to setting guide
    • Turn OFF dynamic guideline
  • Remove “ACCEPT” button on bootup: 

    • Go to settings
    • Go to system
    • Go to Factory settings
    • Enter 1660
    • Go to install set
    • Scroll down to the very bottom
    • DEMO MODE to ON
    • Save and reboot
  • Remove “Door Open” Display:

    • Go to Settings
    • Go to System
    • Go to Factory Settings
    • Enter 1660
    • Go to Install Set
    • Turn “Show Door State” OFF
  • Change Network Settings to Fix iPhone Hotspot Issues:

    • Go to Settings
    • Go to System
    • Go to Android Settings
    • Go to the “Network & Internet” section.
    • Go to the “Data Usage” section
    • Go to the “Network Restrictions” section
    • Identify the Wi-Fi source you are using (should be your iPhone name)
    • If it says “Automatic” under the name, tap on the name and choose “Not Metered”
    • Do the same for all other Wi-Fi sources if you use other hotspots as well
  • Why does the clock keep changing time on my T-Style Radio?

    • The system receives data for the clock from a few different sources which can sometimes cause the clock to change times.  To fix the clock issues, follow these steps:
      • Go to “Settings”
      • Then “More Settings”
      • Scroll to find “Date & Time”
      • Be sure you turn off all the “Automatic” settings
      • After turning off all Automatic settings go to manually set “Time Zone”
        • (You have to set the time zone before you change the time or the time will revert to the time zone that it is set at)
      • After setting the time Zone the clock should show the correct time.
        • If the clock skips an hour:
          • Go back to “General Settings”
          • Press the clock Icon and switch the “DST” option
          • If that doesn’t fix it go back to the Time Zone options and select a time zone that makes the time display correctly on the screen.
  • 2-Minute Clock Settings Video:

  • How do I  get my iPhone’s contacts to sync to the Bluetooth on my T-Style Radio?

    • iPhones require you to approve the syncing of your contacts to our Bluetooth System.  To do that you use the settings in your phone
    • Go to “Settings” on your phone
    • Then “Bluetooth”
    • Find the T-Styles Bluetooth in the list and select the “i” in a circle icon on the right side
    • Then turn on the “Sync Contacts”
  • How do I connect the T-Style radio to the internet so I can run Google Maps and my apps?

    • You must connect the radio to a data source such as a hotspot built into the vehicle, dedicated mobile hotspot or a hotspot built into your cell phone since the T-Style radio needs an internet connection in order to run any app-based navigation system, or any apps that require data.
      • To connect the radio to a wi-fi hotspot, hit “Settings”, then “More Settings” and click on “Wi-Fi” and turn it on. Identify the network you want to use from those displayed and enter the username and password for the network.
      • More than one wi-fi network can be paired to the system, but only one can be active at a time. For instance, you can pair to your home wi-fi network for use while parked in the driveway, and pair your phone’s hotspot for use while driving. If the network pairing doesn’t switch automatically, you must go to “Settings” – “More Settings” – “Wi-Fi” in order to change the network manually.
  • How can I make the “NAVI” button run a different navigation app?

    • The system comes loaded with Google Maps pre-assigned to the “NAVI” icon, but you can have this run any other app instead by assigning i in the “Settings” menu:
      • Open the “Settings” menu and click the top icon on the left side (map pointer). A list of apps will populate the right side.
      • Double-tap the app you want to run with the navigation icon.
      • Tap the check mark (OK) to lock in your choice
  • Some apps in Google Play Store tell me they are incompatible with my version of Android – why?

    • The Android version in this radio is 8.1. Some apps require higher levels of Android in order to install and run. Fortunately, the T-Style radio allows you to install “.apk” (app) files directly through USB, so you can download and install apps without having to go through the Google Play store. This means you can find and download older versions of most apps from “APK Mirror” sites around the world that will be compatible with Android 8.1.
  • I’ve downloaded an APK file – how do I install it?

    • Once you have downloaded your APK file to your computer, copy it to a USB drive, then bring it to the radio and plug it into one of the USB ports. Open File Manager and navigate to the USB drive. Click on the APK file. Open with “package Installer”.  You will be asked if you want to install it. Choose “YES” to install the file. Once installed, it should show up under the App List, where you will be able to click on it to run the app.
  • How can I minimize the Bluetooth screen while in a phone call?

    • Unfortunately due to the way the Android platform works, the system can only have one application active at a time.  So when you are in a phone call, the Bluetooth application must be in the front or the call will drop.  While a navigation app can run in the background, a phone call can not.
  • Why can’t people can’t hear me in Bluetooth calls?

    • You have to be sure you use the separate microphone that came with your T-Style radio.  There is no built-in mic on the face of the radio nor are we able to retain the factory microphone.
  • Can I change the background on my T-Style Radio image?

    • Yes. You will need to use the optional “Nova Launcher” app or a similar app that changes the launcher used by the system. See the video below for tips.
    • NOTE: Nova Launcher now is pre-installed on the radio, and you no longer have to do the “Auto-run navi” mod we show in this older video – just go into the “Settings” of Nova and choose Nova as the “default launcher”
  • Can I change the icons on the home screen of my T-Style Radio?

    • Yes. You will need to use the optional “Nova Launcher” app or a similar app that changes the launcher used by the system. See the video below for tips.
    • NOTE: Nova Launcher now is pre-installed on the radio, and you no longer have to do the “Auto-run navi” mod we show in this older video – just go into the “Settings” of Nova and choose Nova as the “default launcher”
  • Nova Launcher Demo:

  • Can I change the bootup screen of my T-Style Radio?

    • Yes. You will need to download or take an image 1024 pixels tall x 768 pixels wide to fit the native resolution of the screen. You can do a search for “1024×768 wallpaper” to get access to thousands of images pre-formatted for this screen size). This can be dowloaded from the internal browser on the radio or brought in vbia USB as shown in the demo video.
  • When I changed to Nova Launcher, I lost my “Door Ajar” notification on the screen! Can I get it back?

    • No, unless you don’t use a launcher. The door ajar indicator will only display above the factory launcher and apps – once Nova Launcher (or other launcher) is used, they take over he uppermost layer of display, and the door ajar indicator cannot display above that.

iGo Navi Upgrade

The Linkswell GEN4 T-Style radio system comes with the Google Maps app pre-installed for use as the default navigation system, though any navigation app that can be downloaded from the Google Play store can be installed and used as the default system as well. In addition, using the “PhoneLink” app, you can use any compatible Car Play or Android Auto app on your phone for navigation.


This means that in order to run Google Maps or any other Android GPS app you have installed on the radio, you must have a data hotspot in the vehicle and paired to the radio – this can be the factory data hotspot, your phone, a portable hotspot, etc. OR you will need to go into the options for the system and download content that is saved to the radio’s memory so you can access that content without being connected to the internet.

If you want to use Google Maps in the “Offline map mode”, meaning you can use it WITHOUT having to have an active data connection, follow this video to get offline maps set up:


The iGo Next Gen Navigation system upgrade gives you the ability to navigate without consuming data and is pre-installed on your system – it just needs the license file to make it active.

Adding the license is an extra-cost option that can be added when you order, or you can activate the iGo system after your purchase.

In order to do the upgrade after you have purchased the system, here’s the process:

  • Run the “Dev Info” app and on the screen that opens, the “IMEI” number will be shown at the bottom left of the screen
  • Copy the IMEI number EXACTLY. NOTE: There are no refunds for licenses generated for the wrong IMEI number!
  • Purchase the iGo license here:
  • Provide the IMEI number of your unit during checkout
  • We will forward your IMEI number to the manufacturer
  • The manufacturer will generate the license (.lyc file) and we will email it to you
  • Follow the instructions below to install

Installation of iGo Next-Gen navigation license file:

  • Save the “lyc” file we send you to a USB stick
  • Insert the USB stick into a USB port in the truck
  • Open File Manager app
  • You will have “FLASH” and “USB” drive icons on the left column – click on the “USB” drive
  • You should now see the “.lyc” file you copied to the USB drive – tap on the box on the far right of the file name to highlight the file (this adds a checkmark to the box)
  • Hit the “Copy” icon (bottom of screen – icon on left)
  • Tap the “Flash” icon (top left)
  • Tap “iGo” folder to open it
  • Tap the “license” folder to open it
  • Tap the “Paste” icon (bottom of screen – icon on left) – this will paste the file into the “license” folder
  • Now start the iGo system and it will walk you through the setup process

If you want iGo to be the default navigation app, open “Settings”. The navigation icon (top icon) should be lit. Double-tap the iGo NextGen icon in the list at right. Tap the checkmark to verify your selection. iGo will now open when you touch the “Navi” icon on the bottom bar or on the Home screen.