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Converse Bluetooth for Subaru "SUB1"Fits Subaru:


Available Kits:

B9 Tribeca 2006- Without sound system upgrade 250‐7500‐SUB2
Baja 2003- -2006 250‐7500‐SUB2
Forester 1997- -2008 250‐7500‐SUB2
Forester 2008- 250‐7500‐SUB1
Impreza 1993- -2007 250‐7500‐SUB2
Impreza 2007- All 250‐7500‐SUB1
Justy 2004- 250‐7500‐TY5
Legacy 1995- -2005 With standard sound system 250‐7500‐SUB2
Legacy 2005- -2009 With standard sound system 250‐7500‐SUB2
Legacy 2009- All 250‐7500‐SUB1
Outback 1998- -2009 With standard sound system 250‐7500‐SUB2
Outback 2009- All 250‐7500‐SUB1
SVX 1992- -1996 250‐7500‐SUB2


Part Number: 250-7500-sub1
Downloads: Application Chart
Website: Visit Converse's Website
Installations: View our installations of the 250-7500-sub1
In Stock?: Usually - CALL FIRST
Normal shipping time: Five days
Parts Warranty: Three Years
Labor Warranty: LIFETIME


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